Service update from Team Pixelpipe

The Pixelpipe team is pleased to announce that we will all soon be joining a much larger organization. While the details are still to be finalized, we can say that we will be working on similar themes to what we have delivered with both our Pixelpipe & services.

We are very proud of the many millions of files that we have been able to share over the years & thank all of our loyal users.

Today we are shutting down both the Pixelpipe & services. We hope that you have enjoyed using our free services & will only wish us the best as we transition to our new roles. Please follow our blog for further updates, you can direct any questions or comments you may have to

Liberate Your Media!

– Team Pixelpipe

28 responses to “Service update from Team Pixelpipe

  1. Sadface… Come back soon?

  2. you guys have been one of the most under-rated and ahead of the curve services on the internet! So good! please keep us up to date with what you are up to next! you guys are great. Thanks!

  3. Very sad news… Hope you’ll come back very soon 🙂

  4. Ohhhh nooo!!

    I love Pixelpipe !!

    Best of luck

  5. OMG Im gonna die without you guys I Love You!! Dont Go Please… Any Suggestions of where we might go to next? Happy for You Super Sad for us PixelPipe Users…

  6. Hope that the service come again. thank you and love you from Morocco

  7. Congratulations, though I fear an acqui-hire. I’ve been using the service since 2008, and I’ll miss your service! Thank you!

  8. Please hurry up… This will stop my fast service to all media with pictures…

  9. Please come back Pixelpipe !!! You’re the best app i ever use…

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  12. i hope that you do not start charging for your service. It was very helpful just as it was. Very sad..


  13. I’m using pixelpipe since 2009. Still kicking on my Galaxy S II and 808 PureView. Hope you can come back as soonest possible because you are the only and real service that liberates the media…

  14. Aw, maaaaaaaan…… Pixelpipe has been my BFF aggregator for YEARS! I never understood how you guys made money, and I repeatedly offered to PAY for the invaluable service you provide(d). Really bummed, Brett, but best wishes in whatever cryptic, hopefully lucrative maneuvering has led to the death of Pixelpipe.

  15. NOOO! Very sad to see the service “end”, it was amazing, thank you for having it available for free while it lasted! And of course good luck with your future endeavours!

  16. Really sad I loved the service it really helped me with my organization business in Los Angeles, hurry home soon 🙂

  17. at the risk of belaboring the point, I am REALLY bummed — still — to see Pixelpipe shut down! I’ve spent the last week or so slogging through replacement options… NOTHING I’ve thus far found fits the bill. SmugMug’s Camera Awesome is a candidate but it’s super break-y. HootSuite? Not really. Only Wire? Too rich for my blood. My last hope is … sob, Pixelpiiiiiipe!

  18. Please hurry up… This will stop my fast service to all media with pictures …

  19. I had just found you guys, and was sooo excited about your service. I hope you were paid well from whomever it is that bought pi.xe, and def. hope that the service will be back sooooon, All the best to you!

  20. Almost a month now sinse closing down.
    Please keep us updated on progress of new service.
    Think there is a lot of people realy miss you at this time.

  21. Im back again, I hate HootSuite – Want You Back Pleeeeaasseeee #MissU

  22. I completely agree. I tried HootSuite and it just doesn’t do it for me. In fact, I can’t find anything that does what PixelPipe did. Why is that?

  23. Agree Mick, Pixelpipe was outstanding… the one and only.

  24. I’m so sad. Pixelpipe was the only thing that worked for me and is responsible for uploading my hundreds of Alaskan vacation pix up onto FB. Can you plllleeeaase come back soon??

  25. Hootsuite sucks. OnlyWire charges out the wazoo

  26. I love what you did, so good luck with the next mission.
    But, it would be great to let the users know that the service was shut down, by replying the mail with pictures we send for instance.

  27. 😦
    my best wishes for you all!

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