About Pixelpipe

Pixelpipe is a media distribution gateway that allows users to publish text, photo, video, audio & documents through Pixelpipe and have the content distributed across over 75 social networks, photo/video sites and blogs, and online storage services. We provide a number of mobile & desktop applications for users, liberating their media and sharing their life.

Headquartered in the San Francisco Potrero Hill our small team of industry veterans is complemented by a number of full-time developers located around the globe.

Our Platform

Our platform has been built from the ground up to run in the cloud. The platform has been designed to scale with an automation and management infrastructure informed from years of production experience. Our sharded, asynchronous, grid-based architecture allows us to instantaneously add capacity where and when needed.

Contact Us

For support please visit us on Get Satisfaction, our status updates can be found on on Twitter. For enquiries please do drop us an email.

14 responses to “About

  1. Nice application…any support for Zenfolio photo storing/sharing site at this time?

  2. You missed out the “J” in the first word, James’ name!

  3. Is anyone from your team at SXSW? I’d love to talk to you for Download Squad, I’m absolutely in love with PixelPipes! It’s my new favorite Android app, and I’m using it quite a bit while in Austin.

  4. Very nice app. Quick question. How do I add me.com (Apple’s photo sharing) account.



  5. Great app now I can update my all my social networking sites all from one site easily and efficiently. Great work to all the SF team at pixelpipe

  6. Is anyone of your team at Mixx in Las Vegas next week? Would love to do a video interview for my podcast.

  7. hi i have a nokia n900. i sent video footage of 1minute to my email via pixelpipe (gmail and yahoo). Is there any way to increase this to 2minutes of video with out it saying (error file size to large)

    • Email gateways start to have issues when the files get over 10MB, check your file size to determine how long your video can be for an email. We set our max size at 200MB for mobile uploads so if you’re uploading to YouTube or another video service you’ll be able to send much longer clips.

  8. the max size is a DEFINITE plus over sending vids through email….I was stoked about posterous’ blog site…its great, but limitation is size and thats iphone limitation….pixelpipe allows me to bypass that by autoposting to posterous.

    The only thing i HATE is that when i autopost to facebook, they dont post on the wall….pics go into a new folder. Posterous does the same thing. I have yet to find an app that actually posts to the facebook wall, other than the facebook app, which is always messed up or doesnt work with screenshots)

    Yes i have run on sentences and grammar mistakes….sue me.

    • Facebook requires you to approve a separate permission if you want to post directly to your wall. From pixelpipe.com open Facebook under My Pipes and approve the “Authorize Pixelpipe to publish status posts and media without prompting me for approval” option to post directly to your wall.

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